Isabel Brisson Wathier

Sales Representative


Isabel Brisson-Wathier. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry as an investor, Isabel started her successful career as a salesperson for Re/Max. Isabel primarily focuses on residential purchases and sales but also offer a vast number of real estate services, including commercial transactions and retail leasing. Isabel’s background (broadcasting, producer, news cast, psychology which includes time as a psychometrist) her strong understanding and listening skills to what her client wants have given her a unique outlook and drive to constantly find new ways to grow her business. Outside of her success in the professional world, Isabel has taken a leadership role in numerous philanthropic causes and non-profit organizations. She has also taken great pride in helping send underprivileged children to hockey camp in the summer months, as well as being active in other community organizations. Isabel is a mother, an entrepreneur and a born leader. With her drive, down-to-earth business sense, impressive sales skills and natural street smarts, she is a true role model to others.

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